Welcome to the flood plains of Asia and Southeast Asia. It is here, in these wetlands, between forests, jungle and ancestral mountains, that the Asian water buffalo lives, also known as the Asian buffalo, water buffalo or domestic buffalo.

The history between this herbivorous bovine and the Rémy Carriat Tannery dates back to 1976. Jacques Carriat, Rémy’s son and Marie’s father, prepared himself for a long journey. He had to go to Pakistan to take part in a technical consulting assignment. During the assignment, he was impressed by the marked grain of buffalo calf skins - a very particular and raw characteristic that stands out due to its singularity and sets it apart from other bovine skins. These natural characteristics and the intrinsic durability of the skins led Jacques Carriat to introducing buffalo calf leather to the French furniture market.

Some 50 years later, we still work closely with the same local partners. We’ve built a trusting relationship based on mutual respect. We’ve chosen our partners for their great know-how and our shared values with regard to manufacturing exceptional leathers. Today, Buffalo calf leather keeps all its promises with our range of products. We have spread buffalo calf leather to several different sectors making it a true alternative to other bovine leathers. We are proud to offer you 2 unique products with different variations to meet your specific needs and suit your creations.

Apoa Buffalo Calf

A unique natural grain emphasized by a natural shrinking procedure that makes this product recognizable and original. The tanning process that we apply makes this leather perfectly colorfast to light, incredibly supple and resistant in all kinds of conditions.

Sherpa Buffalo Calf

Hand polished in our workshops by our polishing team, Sherpa buffalo calf leather is distinctive because of its technical characteristics, exceptional resistance, versatility and natural raw appearance. Recognizable due to its marked grain and two-tone appearance, it will give a unique touch to your creations.

Starting with this natural base, we offer various assisted grains that make the product uniform to facilitate cutting, unify the finish and optimize the surface of the skin while maintaining its natural feel.

Whether it’s Classic Sherpa, Mambo Sherpa or Samba, the choice is yours!